Be courageous

Taken from a reading this morning: If you currently find yourself facing an uphill battle, the thought of persevering can be overwhelming. Certain seasons of life can relentlessly bring one obstacle after another without an inch of breathing room in between. In these moments, we need to focus less on the obstacles themselves, and more on how we respond to the Lord in those moments. 

Sometimes we go through life asking God to open doors for us, or we seek His blessing for the plans we’ve made without much thought about what His plans for us might be. When this happens, we become frustrated and confused when the doors don’t open and our plans fall apart.  We might become resentful of those around us and angry at God. We lose sight of this important fact: Sometimes a closed door is the exact thing we need, even if it results in suffering. 

Our personal experiences with suffering equip us for the ministry God is preparing for us to live out. In the moments of our greatest anguish, we must trust that His grace is sufficient (2 Cor. 9:8).  We might need a constant reminder of this truth in the hardest season of life.  But rest assured, when He delivers us to the other side of our pain and suffering, reshaped by our experiences and reflecting more of His image, we are better equipped to speak into the lives of those who face similar adversities. 

Never see your situation as hopeless. The Lord is writing a story in your life for the purpose of offering hope to others, but also to deepen your relationship with Him. Spend time with the Father and openly share your heart, as well as your pain. Ask Him for the strength to endure the challenges you are facing as He writes an incredible story for you to share with the world. 

Reflecting from the past

What do you see in yourself that has learned from your past, good and bad? Have you realized those thoughts, words, and deeds that have brought you to this point and how they are impacting your life today? Learn from the bad, but dwell on those things that you see that are good. Make a list of the good ones!

At your lowest point, did you ever think you would have been able to do some of the things you are able to do now?

So many little things all the way up to the big things are improving daily, even if you do not see it yet. Each day you wake up, you are one day closer to your healing and one more day closer to the blessings God has for you.

Have faith!! Tomorrow will be better. Some days may not, but add them up!!

Behind the scene

Based on a true story

Son: Where is God and why can’t I sense him?

Father: God is always with you and working behind the scene even if you don’t sense him.

Son: What do you mean by working behind the scene?

Father: Son, did you eat during school’s break time on Tuesday and did you get any scolding by your teacher for not bringing your attire?

Son: No, I ate and I brought my attire. Everything was OK.

Father: Are you aware that on Monday night, you forgot to pack the money in the wallet and the attire into your bag? After you slept, dad checked your bag and pack it for you. Sometimes when everything in life seems normal we think that God is not there. But the truth is, He is always working behind the scene to protect us and to help us to normalise things. So when things look OK, it does not mean God or His goodness is not there. God is simply working quietly behind the scene.